Immersive Learning Experience Showcase #1

Now build 360° explorations quickly and easily with no code.

Amidst this #COVID19 chaos, give your classroom a chance to experience places such as the Solar System through a Virtual 360° learning experience created using Experizer!

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After no-code VR publishing, Experizer now launches all new no-code Augmented Reality templates with xAPI tracking and Analytics.

After making Virtual Reality publishing easier for course authors and engaging for learners, Experizer has now launched a new version that allows non-coders to build highly engaging Augmented Reality templates without any coding knowledge. The no-code environment by Experizer offers the ability to build a truly universal learning content that can be viewed on Laptops, Desktops, VR Glasses and even Mobile phones without any specific hardware and can be made trackable using the much popular ‘Experience API’. 

Experizer is now powered by 20 templates that can be used to build Learning Experiences by just adding content. The best part is that Experizer has come out with a new plan that is free and can be used for almost unlimited amount of time. Even advanced learning analytics is an important part of this release where detail activity of a learner can be tracked by the author. 

The value add of Mixed Reality(XR) in learning content cannot be overlooked. To increase the stickiness of courses, XR is the perfect tool that has helped learners get concept clarity – immersively. When you get to move a paper printed Cube like object infront of the camera and check out a 3D model of a Skeleton or even an Engineering object, it makes a significant difference in retention of knowledge.  

In an official announcement, the Chief Innovator of Experizer,  Vishal Adsool said, “We have always respected and worked very closely with Instructional Designers for chiseling out the feature list for the new release. Most of them have told us that in these unprecedented times, the need for building Immersive Experiences using AR/VR far outstrips the capacity of developers to create them. Now with Experizer, almost anyone can create powerful immersive experiences that are insertable in almost any authoring tool and trackable on almost all LMS’s.” 

The company believes that the tool could be used directly by course authors as well as Instructional Designers to build a no-code configurable Learning Experience. Authors can also build and contribute ideas towards building new templates. 

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