Why adoption of Hybrid Interactivity is Essential for Education

Online learning has been prevalent for many years; however, its use has been largely augmented only in recent times. This is particularly due to the complex situations that arose with the pandemic in 2020. Educators and trainers have had to put their thinking caps on to find the best practices for imparting education online. Interactivity in eLearning has been actively used, but are the practices moving ahead with the recent times? Or is it time to move towards Hybrid Interactivity? Let’s find out!

A couple of years ago, listening to lectures in the classroom was a common sight. In today’s times, this passive form of learning is considered less-stimulating as compared to interactive online educational programs.

Research reveals students lose interest, remain disengaged, and tend to forget information quickly in the traditional classroom format. These learning methods are also not capable of tracking results to measure a student’s performance with greater accuracy.

However, in recent times, this conventional environment has already made way for online education wherein the real-world atmosphere is created in the best possible ways. Welcome to Hybrid Interactivity.

What is Hybrid Interactivity? How can it change the game?

If interactivity is engaging, what could be the problem-area?

Interactivity in learning offers students the chance to interact online at different points in the eLearning program. This promotes the learners’ thinking skills while increasing curiosity levels to seek more from the subject. Interactive learning brings the focus on the learner while educating self from the comfort of one’s home. However, educators have also observed fading attention spans on behalf of the learner during online learning programs. This brings us back to the question, “How engaging is your interactivity in online learning?”

Here’s our set of observations for traditional learning formats:  

Challenges Faced by Learners

  • Reduced attention-span
  • Monotonous learning format leading to boredom
  • Lack of self-motivation

Challenges Faced by Educators

  • Lack of innovative methods to impart learning/training
  • Lack of technical expertise
  • Lack of time for complex course creation

While interactivity in eLearning is already in use, the monotony of course presentation may lead to greater distraction for learners bringing in a new set of problems for educators. A move towards Hybrid Interactivity based on immersive learning, however, indicates a change in the game!

 What is Immersive Learning?

1) The user who engages with the program is placed in an interactive learning environment that is created through replication of a real-life scenario. It could be a 360 degree view or talking a user through a digital walkthrough on an ancient place.

2) The learning happens through a process of bite-sized modules. The learner can listen, understand, and absorb the information.

3) The stickiness of the content increases the levels of interaction of the learner! A student has a higher chance of engagement and will ‘stick around’ the program for a longer period.

 Why choose Immersive Learning?

1) Virtual Reality in Learning has displayed effective results of an 80% retention rate even after one year of completion of the training program. Traditional learning formats however displayed a 20 percent drop within a week of the program.

2) A student who uses the VR learning format feels highly involved and therefore immersive learning gets 100% attention.

3) Gamified immersive learning has an even higher chance of stickiness as compared to other formats owing to its engagement rate.

4) Tracking your student’s progress turns out to be easy! Sophisticated SaaS products that use evolved learning standards such as the xAPI and infrastructure like the LMSLRS, and the LCMS offer this feature as a part of the program.

For example, It could be a Trivia around a history lesson that is presented in a 3D format or a 360-degree view that offers an immersive experience of the solar system. The combination of real-life simulations, videos, and image format when coupled with cleverly-placed action items for a learner, takes the experience to a completely new level altogether.   

What is hybrid Interactivity?

Consider all the above elements that can be created within minutes without coding experience. Most importantly, it runs on all platforms including smartphones, desktops/laptops, mobile-enabled VR glasses, and standalone VR glasses. That’s Hybrid Interactivity for you! It’s easy to create the experience all within a couple of clicks.

Click to view the video below to get the Immersive Experience with Experizer.

“Is there a catch? Does it take a long time to create Hybrid Interactivity online?” We know you’d have questions in all of these areas. Educators and trainers can rest assured this Hybrid Interactivity can be created with No Coding! Yes, no coding at all with no requirement of complex technical knowledge.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up for a Free Trial with Experizer (no credit card details required)
  • Choose from the wide range of templates available (Walk-throughs, trivia, theatre experience, virtual tours, and more)
  • Customize the images, videos, and content as per the theme
  • Click to Publish
  • Share a link with your learners or add the link to your eLearning course

What is Experizer?


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Experizer heralds the beginning of the implementation of Hybrid Interactivity in online education. Experizer with its no-codingimmersive AR/VR experiences is a game-changer in a constantly evolving digital world that requires innovation coupled with speed. This cloud-based solution gives educators and trainers complete freedom to create Hybrid Interactivities within minutes. Oh, yes, did we mention that VR glasses are optional but we’d recommend them for a greater immersive experience. Our experiences have been used by prominent firms (airlines) to share information for their employee onboarding program or to bring together the best of the Universities online for a Virtual Career Counseling Camp.   Click here to view the entire sample list.

Hybrid Interactivity is about breathing in fresh life to your eLearning programs and promises to change the entire dynamics of online learning. If you’d like to enjoy the immersive experiences, sign up for a Free Trial.