How HR Tech is using this simple technology to operate at 90% efficiency and superhuman speed

HR tech has gone through a monumental change in terms of making the employee onboarding and employee training process smoother and faster. At one of the HR Tech conferences, Walmart said that this easy to use technology has proven to be a great adoption for HR. It provides an engaging learning experience for employees.

How many times have you wondered if a candidate will be an excellent worker or if they are just good at interviews? This technology enables HR and People teams to simulate a near real experience.

If you want to see how your candidate will handle a tricky customer on a shop floor or deal with a crisis, this technology can create that scenario for you. This gives you a chance to really see how your candidate reacts and gives them a chance to see if this is the kind of job they really want to do, too.

Today the technology is so humanized that it has made the recruitment process a lot easier and interesting through this technology. This technology is used by HR to simulate actual scenarios for employees and prepare them for real-world situations.

So what is this simple and easy-to-use technology that is helping HR operate at superhuman speed?

Coined as Immersive Learning Experiences(ILE), these are actual 360  Immersive Interactivities that work on Desktops, Mobiles and even VR Goggles. ILE is a powerful and cost-effective technology that helps the HR make onboarding process remarkably memorable and helps HR with the 3 most important R’s of employees – Recruitment, Retention and Reliability


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