Time to experience Experizer!

FETC 2019 was a MEGA success this year and a lot of stalwarts from the  industry came together to bring in the best of the tech world for the Education industry. This was the place where Experizer hatched out of the Beta!

How many times have you rolled back your idea of implementing Virtual Reality for your work or business just because you knew that was complicated? Well, not any more. You can now use Experizer to create Virtual Reality experiences in matter of minutes…just add your content to an existing VR template and thats it! Publish it for all VR Glasses + Desktops + Mobile Phones and that too without a single line of code.

With this “No programming anytime” approach you can simply select a pre-defined Virtual Reality Experience, upload your content and publish it for Web, Mobile as well as dedicated VR Glasses. And thanks to the Cloud, everything you create on Experizer is seamlessly available to all the authors in your organization as well as all your audience that is connected to the internet.

Try out our 14 day trial to experience the power of Experizer.

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